I was really pumped on how Kyle’s new Junction Edit came out. I happened to be at J-town on the night when Kyle was there and I had my camera with me too. He was bustin’ out lines and tricks like no tomorrow, just going with the flow and doing his thing, when I came up to him. I asked him if he wanted to film a couple lines, just so we could have some footy.


So we just started clippin some video and by the time he was done with the clips he wanted filmed, I asked him if he was down to get more footy, and sure enough that where the idea came from for him to just busy out a Junction Day Edit.


We filmed the whole 4 hours there and stacked a ton of clips, more than enough, so I knew I had something good to work on. I still can’t believe how sick the video turned out due to his style of riding and the vibe of his flow, nose manuals, any grind out can think of, it just had a sick feeling to it. Without knowing that it was going to blow up, half a week later from releasing the video on YouTube, I found out that his video made it on 4 major BMX sites! The Come Up,Mellon Bmx,Union Bmx, and Ridebmx. I was super stoked on how everything turned out and I couldn’t be happier! There will be much more coming from Kyle, so be on the look out!


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