Josh Santiago Race Interview




When did you start racing?

     I stared racing at the age of 13, and that same year I won the Massachusetts state championship race.

What was your first race bike? 

     My first race bike was a Standard 125r.


How long were you racing for?

     I still race today, so I’ve raced for 5 years now.

What competitions were you in?

    I race all over the country traveling to different nationals.

How do you see yourself with racing in the future?

     I hope to turn pro and make a difference to the racing seen and helping out others to gain knowledge and skill about racing.

Thanks to?

     I’d like to thank my team manager Joe Wohlers for getting me into the sport and supporting me 100%, My mom for also supporting me and believing in me. My team Zero tolerance and the sponsors such as Fly racing, SE bikes, stealth hubs, Answer bmx and gram lite. And also thanks to everyone who has supported me and the past and also to the ones who look up to.


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