Serge Petrik Interview




Kyle recently sat down and took his time to interview me about my experience filming BMX so far, here it is:

What made you get into BMX?

I remember when I first saw anything that had to do with BMX, it was on a gloomy rainy day. I was sitting on my porch steps minding my own business, when this kid out of nowhere flew by on his bike, sliding his back tire all over the pavement and doing 180’s at high speed. To me right there and then, it seemed like the coolest thing ever, so I started getting into the scene right then.

What was the first BMX DVD/Web Edit you watched?

Not knowing much about BMX back then, I went on YouTube, and put in “bmx” in the search bar. First thing that popped up was a Aaron Ross web edit. I clicked on it and my jaw dropped. Being so pumped on his riding and his colors on his bike, I started looking him up and it went on from there haha.

Who would you say your favorite BMX rider is? Why?

Hands down Mike Mastroni. First off, his style of riding is dope and he’s a filmer! I admire his work behind the lens and also his creativity on the bike.

When did you start filming? Why mainly BMX?

I started filming around the end of 09. I was more into BMX by then and so were all my friends, and one day I picked up my buddy’s old camera before heading out to go ride, and haven’t put one down ever since.

First camera setup?

Hahaha ahh this is funny. First camera I ever filmed with was a Sony Handy-Cam with a glued on fisheye lens adapter from a old DSLR camera. Yes it was ghetto, but it worked haha.

In your opinion, do you prefer SD or HD footy?

I started out with SD footage back in the day, and moved on too HD over the years. I’ve owned a VX2000, and I honestly dont mind SD, its just I hated filming with tapes, so SD Cards are more my thing.

Are you working on any projects?

Yes. More local edits, nothing serious at the moment. Currently getting more footage for your(Kyle’s) edit haha.


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