Kyle Anzalotti Injury Q&A

As many of you know, Kyle went down hard in our latest trip up to Northampton. I’ve stated all the details in the Northampton Trip blog, so if you’d like to know more about the trip, head back a little. I recently had a chance to talk to Kyle so he could explain more on what happened, how he’s doing, what he wants in the future, etc. Here it is:

What exactly happened when you got injured?

Pretty much just body checked the floor like a dumb ass, fuck rail hops!!

Do you think the injury could’ve been worse?

For sure the broken collarbone sucks but there is always somthing worse like the time I ruptured my spleen on a 720, they said I could have died if I didn’t go to the hospital, witch I didnt wanna but like always I got forced into it, thanks dad!

How were the first couple days after the injury?

The day after I broke my collarbone was New England Jam Chowda witch I couldn’t miss so I went I showed up and it was wet and rainy but everyone made the best of it and I saw all my good homies it was fun and I can’t wait for next year!

How did you kill time?

Waiting to heal from any injury sucks, it feels like forever even though I only had to wait seven weeks but when it came to killing time I did pretty everything the doctor told me not to do I read a lot of bmx magazines I enjoy reading about bmx! To many kids my age out there who just go on the internet for everything!

When do you think you’ll be riding again?

I’ve been riding again for about two and half weeks I messed  my toe up last week but it’s all good now haha, I’ve already been doing everything I would before I got hurt and I’ve even got some new things under my belt, been stuck at junction a lot due to cold east coast wether!

Are you currently working on any projects?

Working on anything? Nah. Not right now looking to film a edit before it gets to shitty out feel me? But who knows just been riding having fun, getting use to my new frame.


– Kyle right after his fall –


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