Kyle Anzalotti – checking out the pink hand rail before tearing it up.

Technically we were all suppose to hit up Boston for the weekend, ride, eat and sleep all day, but the plans failed, so Christian, me and Kyle decided to hit up Northampton for the day. It started off a little slow, getting set up with the camera’s, picking the right song to bang tricks out to, looking at the setups, getting the right angles, all that stuff, as all you bikers know haha.

Kyle Anzalotti – Looking at me as I snap the photo, after that he was like “dude so I got this sick line” and throws down hard.

When I was getting set up, putting up the tripods, getting the right angles, all that filmer stuff, Kyle was already biking and landing tricks without me even ready to film haha. The thing about Kyle, is that he will throw down lines and land them all and when I start filming, it usually takes him a couple times or many. Haha so we start laughing at the fact that he lands everything first try before filming, good times.

Christian Asad & Kyle Anzalotti – talking about what they’re going to try to do next.

We mostly didn’t have any problems on this trip. the car didn’t break down, we didn’t get lost, we didn’t get robbed. It was time that kind of limited things to such extend that we couldn’t spend too much time being at one spot. We wanted to go to as many spots as we could, and we went to many but not all the one’s we had in mind. To our surprise, getting kicked out of spots wasn’t on our list that day, we were golden hahaha.

Kyle Anzalotti – I caught him checking out his bike haha

I personally think Kyle has the sickest setup ever and that camo/navy green colour frame.. I just dig it. If you’re more interested in his bike, scroll down and you’ll find his most recent bike check. I took a little time and asked Kyle what he thought about this trip, check it out :

How was the trip?

Day trips are always fun in Noho, I had a blast.

Did you film everything you wanted?

I filmed most of what I had in mind, I mean the rain kinda messed things up along with a flat tire…

Where’s the next trip you want to go on?

I’d really be into a Boston trip once I’m healed up! Boston is awesome I’ve been sending a good amount of time out there lately.

Despite the broken collar bone on this trip, how was it after all?

The whole collarbone thing definitely sucks but hey ya win some ya lose some, right? I had fun and don’t regret going! Looking forward to getting back out there and riding/filming.


IMG_2126  IMG_2129

Christian Asad – snapped a couple photos of Christian checking out spots.

Christian is the type of rider and really puts a lot of work into any line/trick he’ll do. He likes to take his time, examine the setup, roll up, look at it again and bam! hits em wit it! haha. This trip to Northampton he actually didn’t get any footage because he barely had tim to ride, due to helping me out filming the second angle shots, thanks homie! As you can see, he has commitment to this game and you better expect more from him soon because its coming. I also took the time to talk to Christian about the trip, here it is :

How was the trip?

Definitely had an awesome time. There’s nothing like cruising around finding different spots and having a good time with the homies.

What did you enjoy the most?

Watching Kyle kill every spot we hit. Kid has talent.

Next time what would you want to film at Northampton?

I would like to start grinding rails, it’s something I’ve never done before so it would be cool to pull a double peg down some stairs.

Where do you want to take a trip next?

I wouldn’t mind going to Love Park in Philly, or take a trip to New York to ride some street, but I wanna go to Boston for sure.



Kyle Anzalotti – he’s beat from throwing down to much tricks haha


Here’s Christian and Kyle, they’re warming up as I’m getting set up at the new spot.

This spot thats in the picture above, is behind some huge hospital, and its one of the sickest setups I’ve seen. As soon as we got there, there was no security and not a soul around, so I quickly started setting up the equipment. As I was ready to start shooting and Kyle was all warmed up, it started pouring but that didn’t stop him. I had Christian hold a coat over my camera so i could film him do this line, and he got it second try, I still cant believe it, in the rain?!?


photo 3

After riding for about 3 hours, we decided to get some snacks and rest up.


photo 2

Kyle killing it with the feeble’s


photo 2  photo 4  photo 5

Even though I didn’t ride that much, I still had a good time filming, because i personally love filming and I can do it everyday, especially bmx with friends.


photo 1

The night didn’t turn out how we wanted it to be, but stuff happens you know, so you have to accept it. Kyle ended up breaking his collar bone in two places, in the last line he was doing that night. Despite the broken bone, he still had a positive attitude and kept cracking jokes which made me laugh out loud and almost drove off the highway, jk haha. When I asked him, “are you mad about what happened tonight?” and he simply answered, ” what do you expect, if you’re in the game, you gotta go hard in the games, it happens”.  After hearing that, I deff knew he’s 100% committed to what he does.

Thanks for reading the trip update, I hope you enjoyed it, there will be more trips coming!





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