Kyle Anzalotti Bike Check

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Frame: Fit Marv 20.75

Forks: Fit blade v2

Bars: Animal big four

Stem: Profile push 48mm

Headset: Fsa

Grips: Animal Edwins

Bar ends: none

Front wheel: Profile totem laced to a Gsport

Back wheel: Profile totem laced to a Gsport

Cranks: Profile

Bottom bracket: Profile

Sprocket: Profile spline drive

Pedals: Animal bpe

Tires: Animal glh front/Animal Tom White rear

Pegs: Animal Lino longs 4.5

Seat: Fit

I’ve been filming with Kyle for more than a year now, and every time we film, he always has a new sick setup, well most of the time haha. The reason behind this is that Kyle is probably one of the few kids that is 100% dedicated to BMX and throws down real hard, I know what I’m saying, trust me. He will set up a little flat rail next to his house, in the rain and kill it for a few hours, despite the pouring rain. He will leave his house in the morning, bust out tricks all day, alone or with a group of friends, doesn’t matter, he’s still riding, why? because he’s dedicated, and dedication is something thats missing in BMX today. He will try to land a trick all day if he has to, until he lands it, and I’ve seen it, now thats dedication. Here are a few questions I asked Kyle so you guys would get a point of view on what BMX is to him.

Do you like your setup at this point?

I love my setup besides the goofy red chain but hey it gets the job done.

What’s your favorite thing to ride?

Favorite thing to ride would have to be anything street.

What time of the day?

I ride all day, love a good night sesh though!

What’s your favorite BMX product company?

Favorite parts company hands down would be Profile Racing and Animal Bikes Co, both great companies with real good products and they always back up kids like myself, when something brakes!

If you were sponsored, what’s the first signature part would you want to come out with and why?

First sig part.. huh thats kinda a tough one never thought about that, probably a frame because I seem to brake them pretty often or maybe pegs, because there isn’t enough people riding metal pegs right now and no one makes 4.5 pegs, besides Animal.


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