Christian’s Spring Edit -In the works-

Christian’s Spring Edit -In the works-


Christian Asad – Ice down the rail

Westfield, MA


Christian has been filming here and there, but mostly just riding and never if front of the lens, unless I ask him too haha. He’s a chill rider and respects his surroundings, so he takes his time with everything.

Recently he’s been stackin clips and just throwing down lines and busting out moves non-stop, and I asked him if he was down for a full web video and he said word for sure. Since winter just left us, most of the footage from him, that I have, is at Junction. A few more clips are from our local skatepark.





Weast Springfield footage

Weast Springfield footage


We are currently stalking footage for a new Weast edit. Everything is this in the works but soon enough it will all fall into place. Starting something new, something huge, is never easy. I would say were about done with preparing the brand, and scheduling everything out. Now it’s just a matter on producing material and products and advertising it.

In the picture above, you see Josh Santiago doing a feeble on a ledge, at the local Court House in Springfield.

Kyle’s edit on 4 sites!

Kyle’s edit on 4 sites!


I was really pumped on how Kyle’s new Junction Edit came out. I happened to be at J-town on the night when Kyle was there and I had my camera with me too. He was bustin’ out lines and tricks like no tomorrow, just going with the flow and doing his thing, when I came up to him. I asked him if he wanted to film a couple lines, just so we could have some footy.


So we just started clippin some video and by the time he was done with the clips he wanted filmed, I asked him if he was down to get more footy, and sure enough that where the idea came from for him to just busy out a Junction Day Edit.


We filmed the whole 4 hours there and stacked a ton of clips, more than enough, so I knew I had something good to work on. I still can’t believe how sick the video turned out due to his style of riding and the vibe of his flow, nose manuals, any grind out can think of, it just had a sick feeling to it. Without knowing that it was going to blow up, half a week later from releasing the video on YouTube, I found out that his video made it on 4 major BMX sites! The Come Up,Mellon Bmx,Union Bmx, and Ridebmx. I was super stoked on how everything turned out and I couldn’t be happier! There will be much more coming from Kyle, so be on the look out!

New camera & equipment

New camera & equipment


So I finally ended up getting a Sony FX-1! I’ve wanted to get one for years and never really came to the point of getting one because of how expensive they are. Well needless to say, I’ve saved up some dough and made this purchase. It came with a bunch of accessories including a Opteka .3X Fisheye, which I’ll be using a lot this upcoming Spring and Summer. Look forward to many projects done on this camera.


Weast Brand

Weast Brand


Weast is something me and Christian came up with for a clothing line. It’s nothing serious and it’s a working process. Coming from both of us who really like design and are persistent on how we want things to be done or to look, we took the time to come up with a local brand to help us raise money for trips and upcoming events.

This whole idea is still in it’s early steps, but once we get all the right pieces into their place, we’ll get the ball rolling. Be on the look out this spring for some of our clothing products that will be freshly printed, and ready for you to be worn.

Here are a couple promo’s

The Team Crewneck

Logo 3/4 Baseball

Logo Text Bubble Tee

Team 3/4 Baseball Shirt

As you can see, it’s just the beginning and it’s something we will like to try out and see where it goes!

Josh Santiago Race Interview




When did you start racing?

     I stared racing at the age of 13, and that same year I won the Massachusetts state championship race.

What was your first race bike? 

     My first race bike was a Standard 125r.


How long were you racing for?

     I still race today, so I’ve raced for 5 years now.

What competitions were you in?

    I race all over the country traveling to different nationals.

How do you see yourself with racing in the future?

     I hope to turn pro and make a difference to the racing seen and helping out others to gain knowledge and skill about racing.

Thanks to?

     I’d like to thank my team manager Joe Wohlers for getting me into the sport and supporting me 100%, My mom for also supporting me and believing in me. My team Zero tolerance and the sponsors such as Fly racing, SE bikes, stealth hubs, Answer bmx and gram lite. And also thanks to everyone who has supported me and the past and also to the ones who look up to.